The Company, its Ownership, Directors and Executive Management are committed to providing a safe, positive and healthy working environment for all employees and sub-contractors throughout its operations. The Company's most valuable asset is its personnel. The prevention of injuries, incidents and accidents is paramount to the Company's interests and business philosophy.

Eagle Canada, Inc. meets or exceeds industry and government requirements in all aspects of safety.

• Feedback from field personnel is essential to the ongoing safe performance of our crews.

• Hazard assessment, incident reporting and equipment auditing are the backbone of our safety program. They allow for timely intervention in reducing risk and help to make our job sites as safe as possible.

• Employee participation is ensured through a safety rewards program designed to motivate each individual to assess, monitor and assist each other.

• Rewards for maximizing safe work practices are based on overall crew performance, not individual contributions.

Eagle Canada, Inc. has been awarded a COR through the Partnerships in Health and Safety program in the Western Provinces.

“Conditions on each job change day to day and conditions of each site are also unique. These variables create a unique challenge to the geophysical industry. Dedicated training and constant monitoring of day to day operations are paramount in the success of our safety program”.

Robert Wood, President