Eagle Canada, Inc. utilizes the latest in recording equipment to maximize results and data quality. The GSX is designed for cable-free/radio-free seismic data recording. The self-contained unit includes 1 to 4 channels of 24-bit digitization, an integrated/high sensitivity GPS receiver, built-in test signal generator, up to 16 GB per channel of non-volatile solid-state data storage, and a high-speed data port.

Eagle now has GSR single channel units and three channel 3 component units available. The GSR system can be used stand alone or combined with our ARAM cabled crews. Weighing only 9lbs per single station (including single sensor), the GSR wireless system is ideal for limited access and complex hard to network areas. Less weight, less people, less vehicles makes the job safer and more cost effective.

The GSR system is a perfect companion to our Vibroseis and shot-hole projects that together deliver consistent high quality data in most any terrain and environment from mountains to transition zones and rural to high-density urban locations.

We have a complete array of vibroseis vehicles packed with advanced electronics and GPS capable navigation systems for flawless operations. As well as variable speed hydraulic motors and noise limiting features. With its narrow width and variable output the IVI Mini-Vibes are the ideal machine for environmentally sensitive areas, narrow line widths and shallow targets. Our dedication to using state-of-the-art equipment gives us the most advanced seismic source systems available for land-based deep-reflection projects and provides the highest field production rates available.

Survey positioning equipment utilizes the latest in technology.

Under Canopy GPS Surveys utilize techniques and enhancements which allow for accurate results while still affording the environmentally friendly practices of meandering cutlines, zero line of sight and other available features common in today's LIS cutting environment.

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